Tax Audit Defense Services

Tax audits occur more frequently than most people imagine. Once a tax audit has occurred it can cost thousands of dollars to hire a competent professional to help you resolve the matter. Now you can protect yourself for free by signing up for our free prepaid tax audit defense service.

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What is covered?

Our service includes professional representation for the tax years you purchased protection for. We cover individual income tax at federal and state level and all accompanying individual income tax schedules. Peach Consult will represent you
throughout the entire process. Protection coverage must be purchased before a notice is issued for the tax return.

Terms of Service
1. We shall provide representation for notices dated after date of purchase
2. Coverage shall be effective immediately from the date of coverage purchase
3. You agree to use our income tax services during the next tax season, if not your coverage will expire at the end of the next tax season
4. We shall give you a credit for our income tax services up to the amount spent for our audit defense services


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