Get your personal income tax returns prepared by highly experienced CPAs and MBAs who have been in business since 2005. You return comes with a 3-year Tax Audit Protection, in the event of an audit of your return, we will represent you before the IRS and any taxing authority free of charge.  Please complete the form below to take advantage of this special income tax offer.


  • By submitting this information you agree to be contacted by our staff to collect all the necessary information we need to set you up.
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  • You understand that your return, regardless of what State you are in, will be prepared in our offices in the State of GA and that we may not have a local office in your area.
  • This offer and price is for personal income tax returns. Any business returns will be charged separately.
  • $10 due at set up, the balance due after tax returned is filed or mailed out.